DIFK challenges traditional engineering practices through open and idea-based collaborations. Together, we create exceptional structures that are responsible and beautiful.

DIFK was established in 2007 and has since designed and developed support systems for highly acclaimed and award-winning projects, such as the Holmenkollen ski jump, Deichmanske library, Munch Museum, Skellefteå Sara cultural center, and the integrity and relocation operations of the Viking ships at Bygdøy.

Our highly skilled staff range from doctoral candidates to architects and structural engineers, enabling contributions to open creative processes where projects have room to evolve. We excel in dialogue and close collaboration with all stakeholders throughout the project’s duration. This often results in complex problems being solved with simple and robust solutions.

We have extensive experience in construction and work towards a safe and sustainable process in all phases.

DIFK has been a member of RIF, the Consulting Engineers Association in Norway, since 2009.