Jotunheimen pedestrian bridge. jotunheimen. norway. 2015.

The idea for the structural system was received instants after looking at an aerial site picture and the proposed site.

It was natural to think of a column less solution since columns could be easily damaged by ice drift. Large support structures like trusses, cables, suspension towers would be cumbersome within the majestic landscape and they would obstruct the view of the pedestrian. Exposed mountain allows to take up very high horisontal forces. It became clear that a highly prestressed tension bridge with very little sag could be possible, contradicting the scale of the mountain ranges with the thinnest possible deck. This may be achieved by tensioning the walkway, a 1,9 m wide and 25 mm thick steel plate, with a span of 51 m.

The ongoing design process will show, if this concept will prevail or if adaption to the site conditions will lead to a more radical and interesting design.

Landscape architect
Dronninga Landskap