Lund Central Station train station. lund. sweden. 2017.

Lund C was an invited competition for a new train station for the city of Lund, Sweden, organised by Jernhusen AB.

In addition to the station program and logistics, the project also includes spaces for offices and commercial use. The building is composed of three entities connecting Clemenstorget to Bjeredsparken by spanning over the railways.

The structural system combines bricks, concrete and timber elements. Bricks are used in the ground floor to unify the building while offering a solid basis for the upper structure. In the upper level, prefabricated concrete slabs bridge spans up to 14 meters. The timber frame structure built on top supports the curved roof of intertwined timber beams. The two towers also use timber as the main structural element.

This entry was selected as the winning one and we are now waiting to develop the project further.

Elding Oscarson / C.F. Møller