Mountain Man housing, research lab, cultural center. helsinki. finland. 2016.

“Mountain Man” is an invited competition project at the Aalto University Campus in Helsinki. The aim was to rethink the existing area in relation to the addition of new programs such as student housing, research center, conference center, and more.

Together with Estudio Herreros, the proposal follows the approach of an “Innovative Network”. Based on this aphorism, the structural concepts consider the strong relationship Finland has with timber. In that sense, timber is seen as an endless source of innovation whose boundaries can be explored.

To be innovative and to achieve a high level of quality and comfort, the structure responds to the programmatic needs by being either a classic timber frame structure, a build-up of 2D prefabricated CLT panels, or 3D prefabricated CLT modules.

Estudio Herreros
Sustainability engineer