Deichman library. oslo. norway. 2014.

The New Deichman Library will be constructed in Bjørvika, alongside the opera house. The building shape is diverted from the surrounding building context, clearly signalizing the building’s important function as library. The library will have an advanced three-layered facade, with large spans. The building is designed as passive house, and reaches the goal of 50 % reduction of energy- and GHG emissions.

The main load bearing structure of the library is of concrete, and the walls of the three shoring cores are made of cast-in-place concrete. The load bearing structure gets it’s unique touch from the folded roof slab, which cantileveres up to 18 m.

All slabs from plan 2 to 5 are performed as biaxial hollow core slabs. These contribute to reduced material consumption, plan flexibility with large spans. All four slabs are partly hanging from the folded roof slab.

The architectural vision for the facade was to achieve high transluscency and insulation. Therefore the main facade consists of 50% transparent insulated panels of glass fiber reinforced plastic and 50% transparent glass panels.

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