Hamnen housing. stockholm. sweden. 2016.

Hamnen is an invited competition project for housing in Stockholm, Sweden. Often the main structure of such a building would be built using a concrete core with either solid concrete slabs and columns or a prefabricated concrete and steel structure.

The solution was to suggest a hybrid alternative consisting of a faint association of vertical timber elements together with horizontal concrete slabs. Structural, architectural, and environmental concerns are the main points that led to this sophisticated combination. The intention is also to allow for prefabrication and fast erection of walls and to avoid a costly concrete core. At the same time this system can achieve high fire ratings and excellent acoustic behavior.

The slabs work as plates and lead horizontal loads towards the timber panels and massive timber columns. The timber panels work as shear walls, together with the columns, they transfer the load to the foundations. They also provide sufficient thickness and the capacity to be perforated to allow for functionality and the architectural intention.