Munch Museum Art museum. Oslo. Norway. 2009-2021

The New Munch Museum will be built in Bjørvika at Paulsenkaia, south-east for the opera house. The building will have a characteristic shape with an untraditional facade in passive house standard.

The construction follows the strict grid made by the architect, and creates vast exhibition spaces with long columnless spans of 18 m. This is done by taking advantage of the plan geometry of the slabs, and their fixation in the walls, together with innovative slab systems that save weight. Out of consideration for the vulnerable art, the slabs are constructed to minimize harmful vibrations.

The museum has a site with demanding foundation conditions, and has to withstand heavy ice loads and seismic stress in addition to normal loads from and weight and wind. Existing harbor constructions and the submerged tunnel closeby demand structural adaptions with focus on buildability. The facade has one single ventilated layer with corrugated and perforated aluminum panels.

Estudio Herreros
Multiconsult / BGKI / Hjellnes Consult / Brekke+Strand
Tove Lauluten