Viking Ships Archaeological ships. Oslo. Norway. 2016.

The Viking Ships are the main pieces of the permanent exhibition at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Built around 8th – 9th century by the Vikings during the Viking Age, the ships and their contents are considered one of the most representative national treasures in Norway

In order to improve the preservation of the ships and exhibit them in a better way, the present museum will be expanded and re-opened to the public in 2022/2023.

The main task is to develop the analysis models of the ships Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune as well as the alum preserved sleds. Parametric software and scripting are used throughout the process to better model the archeological timber structures.

The task further included designing the transport boxes for relocating the ships and their contents, and finally, designing support systems to exhibit all the items in their new spaces.

Civil engineer
MG Engineering
Acoustic engineer
Brekke & Strand